Trinitas Medical Group Locations

At the present time, Trinitas Medical Group locations include offices in Elizabeth, Clark and Cranford. Soon, we will expand to other locations as we bring more doctors, healthcare providers and other services to areas where many of our patients reside.

Other sections of this site can help find one of our physicians by name, or behavioral health providers by name," and another by the type of services. We want to help you get to connect with a Trinitas Medical Group physician when you need one.

Our motto is "we provide excellent care, close to you."

We know that once you visit a Trinitas Medical Group office you will be greeted by our friendly and courteous staff.

You will be given forms to fill out that will help you begin the process of becoming a patient.

You will be seen by a physician who will review your paperwork and ask you questions that will help inform the doctor about your concerns.

From that point, an examination will be undertaken, tests may be ordered, prescriptions may be written and a followup visit may be planned that will help establish not only what is not well and needs to be addressed, but how your problems can be addressed and what you can expect going forward.

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We're Affiliated!
Trinitas Regional Medical Center's Williamson St. campus is where many of our offices are located, but we're also in neighboring communities.